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Welcome to A2 Cricket, where passion meets precision! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting in cricket, having the right gear is essential for performance and protection. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into everything you need to know about batting pads, cricket gloves, and cricket kit to help you make the best choices for your game.

Batting Pads:

Batting pads are crucial for any cricket player, protecting the legs while batting. At A2 Cricket, we offer various batting pads to suit different playing styles and preferences.

Design and Construction:

Our batting pads are crafted using high-quality materials such as PU leather and foam padding to ensure durability and comfort. The ergonomic design offers maximum protection without compromising mobility, allowing you to move freely at the crease.

Protection Levels:

A2 Cricket batting pads come in various protection levels, from entry-level pads suitable for beginners to professional-grade pads for elite players. Each pad is rigorously tested to meet safety standards, giving you peace of mind during intense gameplay.

Customization Options:

We understand every player is unique, so we offer customization options for our batting pads. You can personalize your pads from colour choices to sizing adjustments to match your style and preferences.

Cricket Gloves:

Cricket gloves are another essential component of a player's kit, providing grip and protection for the hands while batting and fielding. A2 Cricket offers a diverse range of gloves for comfort, durability, and performance.

Grip and Comfort:

Our cricket gloves feature high-quality leather palms with superior grip, allowing you to control the bat even in challenging conditions. The breathable design keeps your hands cool and dry during long innings, reducing the risk of discomfort and fatigue.

Protection and Durability:

With reinforced padding and finger protection, A2 Cricket gloves offer optimal defence against impact and abrasion injuries. The durable construction ensures longevity, so you can rely on your gloves to perform match after match.

Fit and Flexibility:

We understand the importance of a snug and flexible fit for cricket gloves. That's why our gloves are designed to contour to the shape of your hand, providing a comfortable and secure fit without restricting movement.

Cricket Kit:

A comprehensive cricket kit is essential for any player looking to excel on the field. From bats and balls to protective gear and accessories, A2 Cricket offers everything you need to gear up for success.

Complete Packages:

Our cricket kit comes in complete packages designed to cover all your needs, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. Each kit includes essential items such as a bat, ball, pads, gloves, helmet, and bag to hit the ground running from day one.

Quality and Value:

At A2 Cricket, we prioritize quality and value in every product. Our cricket kit is meticulously curated to include high-quality gear from top brands, ensuring the best performance and durability for your investment.

Expert Guidance:

Do you need help determining which cricket kit is suitable for you? Our team of cricket experts is here to help! Whether you're looking for advice on sizing, brand recommendations, or product features, we're dedicated to providing personalized assistance to help you make the perfect choice.


Gear up for success with A2 Cricket's premium range of batting pads, gloves, and kit. With superior quality, comfort, and performance, our gear is trusted by players at all game levels. We have all cricket equipment, including cricket pads, gloves, balls, and everything else you might need.