Handcrafted English Willow

The purest English willow clefts are chosen and handcrafted with perfection to obtain optimum weight balance.

Custom Made

A2 Cricket bats can be custom made from the best of English Willow clefts. The weight and bat profiles can be altered to handcraft an absolute personal product.

Grades of Willow

A2 Cricket bats come in an exquisite selection of grades 1+, 1 and 2 English willow, for Cricketers at all levels of the game.

Global Approach

The cricketers of Singapore Cricket Association appreciated A2 cricket bats and honored Anish, their homegrown asset, as he signs his contract with A2 Cricket.

Team A2

A cricketer who’s vaulting ambition when matches that of his equipment brand, it’s a match made in heaven. We, at A2 Cricket, aspire to be Cricketing greats and hence exploring a place like Singapore that beams with talent was more than a modest start. Anish, who is one of the best players in the National team of Singapore is the true representation of what Cricket in Singapore has to offer. At A2 Cricket, along with Anish, we are sure to Dream, Believe and Achieve.


All A2 cricket bats are adorned with modern looking translucent stickers. These stickers are designed to be aesthetically pleasing without being over-flashy. The emphases has been laid on the beauty of the wood, so that the grains can be seen and appreciated.


A2 Cricket bats are crafted to have thick edges and fuller bat profiles. Our bats ensure that maximum power is delivered in each stroke from the entire face of the bat. The 'meat' of the bat is intact without any weight shedding techniques to provide maximum bang for your buck.


Despite having fuller profiles A2 cricket bats are designed to provide lighter pick-ups than expected. In the modern game of Cricket, speed is ever essential, and hence our weight balances prevent an increase in reaction times leading to a perfect shot every time.



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